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Prashad At Home: Everyday Indian Cooking from our Vegetarian Kitchen

Prashad At Home: Everyday Indian Cooking from our Vegetarian Kitchen is the Patel family’s second cookbook, as Kaushy Patel focuses on the heart of Indian home cooking.


Traditional recipes have been simplified using readily available ingredients, and recipes range from quick dishes that can be made in the evening when you’re tired after work, feasts for special occasions or even slow-cooked dishes that can be left to bubble away on the stove whilst you relax at the weekend - it’s home-cooking to suit every lifestyle. Whether you have 20 minutes or two hours, cooking should be enjoyed, bringing both you and those you’re cooking for, pleasure.


The recipes draw influence from British, Chinese and Italian cuisine and include breads, rice and chutneys to serve alongside main dishes, plus, because Gujaratis are well known for having a sweet tooth, there are plenty of snacks and treats too. Life is all about balance after all!


From bhajis to feast biryanis to beans on toast, Gujarati-style, Prashad At Home has more than 100 recipes to bring warmth, taste and texture into your home, all made with the Patel’s characteristic love and passion for vegetarian food.


Prashad: Indian Vegetarian Cooking

Prashad: Indian Vegetarian Cooking is a vibrant and original vegetarian cookbook that will bring authentic Indian cooking into your own kitchen and transform the way you think about vegetarian food!


It’s the Patel family’s first cookbook, published shortly after the restaurant came runner-up on Ramsay’s Best Restaurant TV show in 2010. Back then, Prashad was a small Indian restaurant in Bradford and the surprise stars of Gordon Ramsay’s competition. Viewers quickly fell in love with the inspirational Patel family dedicated to serving delicious, original vegetarian food.


At the heart of the Patel family is Kaushy, who learned how to cook when she was a child growing up on her grandmother’s farm in northern India. When Kaushy moved to northern England in the 1960s, she brought her passion for fabulous flavours with her and has been perfecting and creating dishes ever since. Never happier than when feeding people, Kaushy took her son, Bobby, at his word when he suggested that she should share her cooking with the world. A laundrette was converted first into a deli, and then into a restaurant – and Prashad was born!


In this book, Kaushy shares her cooking secrets in more than 100 recipes; from simple snacks to sumptuous family dinners, helping you to recreate the authentic Prashad experience at home. Whether it's cinnamon-spice chickpea curry, green banana satay, spicy sweetcorn or chaat - the king of street-side India - there's plenty here for everyone to savour and share.


Kaushy’s Garam Masala

Transform your home-cooked curries with Prashad’s very own garam masala. Kaushy’s unique and versatile blend of over 20 spices which have been lovingly selected, toasted and ground to give you a perfectly balanced masala.


Simply add a small amount to whatever your cooked dish may be, and then stir through. Alternatively, you can be as experimental as you like! Why not let us know how you use our garam masala in your own recipes by writing to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The garam masala comes in a 120g resealable bag.


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