Here at Prashad, we are completely committed to developing menus that embrace tradition. We have processes in place which have been passed down through three generations and are keen to keep these going. 

Some examples of this are:

Garam Masala
This mixture of aromatic spices is an integral part of any good Indian restaurant - it is essentially like signing off your dish whilst giving it that extra flavour kick in the process. 

At Prashad we use our great grandmas recipe which has since been passed down through the generations first to Kaushy and then more recently to Minal. When Kaushy and Mohan first moved to England, the Garam Masala mix had to be improvised to include as much flavour as possible whilst using the techniques available in England rather than the traditional Indian ones.  

The process in England starts off with the raw spices arriving from Leicester - we order our spices in specifically from Leicester because they are known for having a significant Gujarati community meaning the best spices suited to our cuisine are available there. Once we have received the spices, we start by hand picking all the bad bits from the spices before they are thrown into big pans and placed into the oven. They will remain in the oven on a low temperature for anything up to 2 weeks - this is done overnight to reduce disruption to the restaurant service. Heating the spices on a low temperature will gradually heat the spices releasing the oils and flavours. 

The spices are then bagged up again and taken back down to a specific stone mill in Leicester - this mill has been used since Prashad opened. Kaushy is the only person permitted to enter the mill and she oversees the procedure to ensure there is no contamination and she gets the correct mixture of spices for the Garam Masala. In this process, she checks the coarseness of the mix by hand. 

Once that has been done the Garam Masala is brought back up to Bradford, and used in the majority of dishes. The mix can be used as a top spice, stirred in or sometimes in the cooking process. 

Ready mixed Garam Masala contains around 5 to 6 spices whereas Kaushy's blend uses contrasting quantities and levels of up to 22 spices. 

This is a decadent smooth luxurious dessert that has been served at weddings throughout Gujarat for hundreds of years. The process we use has been used in our family for generations. We start of by making our own yoghurt, before hanging it in muslin bags and then pressing to extract every drop of water before caramelising with cardamom and pistachios. This ensures that the Shrikand is creaming and has the perfect tangy kick. 

Traditionally we cook with as many fresh ingredients as possible, and this is still the case today. At Prashad, you will never see a member of the kitchen team standing doing nothing as there is always fresh garlic and ginger to peel. 

Imperfections add character to a dish, here at Prashad we firmly embrace this and quite often you will hear the beating of a pest & mortar in the background, this is being used to crush certain spice mixes for various curries and also for our very own special tea masala. 

Steaming is a process which the kitchen loves to use, especially with todays ever increasing focus on healthy eating. Minal will usually try and create steamed amuse bouche's which pack seasonal flavour. 

There are no short cuts, we take the long way around and take our time, this is directly transferred into taste and experience.



Read morePrashad has won over 12 major awards in recent years, and is the only Indian Restaurant in Yorkshire to have a 2 Star AA Award for Culinary Excellence.



Read moreOur menu includes many traditional dishes, all prepared using locally sourced ingredients, our own home prepared herbs and spices and special lemon pickle.



Read morePrashad is home to Minal, our Head Chef, former mentee of Gordon Ramsay and runner up on Gordon Ramsays Best Restaurant TV series.



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