From humble beginnings, Prashad has grown into an award winning restaurant becoming the only two star AA and Michelin Bib Gourmand Indian Restaurant in Yorkshire.

Twenty Years In The Making

Prashad was started by Kaushy and Mohan Patel in 1992.

For twenty years, Prashad inhabited a Bradford sidestreet; a meeting-point, a hub, a treasure trove of ingredients, and a centre for gorgeous Gujarati snacks and dishes, prized by the whole community. We moved to Drighlington in 2012.

Kaushy and Mohan’s two sons followed their parents’ foodie passion. Mayur started the trendy craft beer and Gujarati food emporium Bundobust, whilst Bobby carried on the Prashad legacy.

When Minal became Bobby’s wife, she arrived into a family she didn’t know had such a foodie focus. The stars had aligned; food was Minal’s passion too! She was taken under the Prashad wing, and quickly became the inspiring chef behind Prashad’s continued evolution, taking over the kitchen in 2004. She oversaw the restaurant crowned runner-up in Gordon Ramsay’s Britain’s Best Restaurant competition in 2010. Minal has taken the Prashad legacy and run with it; keeping the ethos of a warm welcome and authentic, finely-crafted Gujarati tastes, but infusing even more finesse, innovation and modernity into the dishes Prashad is famous for.

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Take Prashad home!

Those Gujarati secrets were fine-tuned by Kaushy during her years at the helm. If you can’t make it to the restaurant, you can learn her secrets (it’s all about cooking with love, and using the best possible ingredients) and recreate that Prashad magic at home, with her second, best-selling cookbook! We look forward to welcoming you through the doors at Prashad very soon!

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“We hope you enjoy eating the food as much as we enjoy making it”

Bobby Patel

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Our Accolades

Prashad was a finalist in Gordon Ramsay’s Best Restaurants in 2010, 2 AA Rosettes since in 2015, named in the Good Food and Michelin Guides, winning the Bib Gourmand since 2014, the Yorkshire Life Chef of the Year 2013, Morrisons Magazine Great Grub Award 2013, the Oliver Awards Best Indian Restaurant 2014 and been awarded a Certificate of Excellence by TripAdvisor for the last 5 years in a row.

Dining at Prashad is about surprise. About delighting your tastebuds, exceeding your expectations, and giving you joy.

We want to take Indian food into a different plane. Just like any other cuisine, Indian food comes in all shapes and sizes. It can be intricate. It can be delicate, well-balanced and refined, as well as loud, heavily-spiced and hearty. A bowl of spicy curry or warming dhal is a great thing; we want to bring you this and more - a refined delicacy and expertise meeting the warmth of our family-run ambiance and well-established traditions.

Authentic, Fresh, Tasty

We Source Ingredients Locally Wherever Possible To Ensure We Serve Only The Best.

Click on the dishes below to learn more about them.

  • Poppadoms & Pickle
  • Kopra Pethis
  • Sanku
  • Vegetable Handi with Coriander Rice
  • Poppadoms & Pickle

    Our Poppadoms and Pickle Tray are a perfect illustration of the Prashad approach. We’re not reinventing the wheel, but we are elevating it. We know that a poppadom is the perfect vehicle for pickle, and that a combination of creamy, spicy and sweet flavours are perfect pickles to get your tastebuds warmed up for the main meal to come.

    Therefore our poppadoms are cooked fresh before service, and then baked in the oven, ridding them of any excess oil, for a perfectly crisp, light bite. And our pickles are no ordinary pickles. Varying with the seasons, they make the most of local produce. They can vary from a sweet shredded pumpkin to a classic mango pickle, and from our sour and delicate green tomato and basil pickle to our intriguing and sharp rhubarb pickle. Located as we are in the Rhubarb Triangle, we love making the most of this local ingredient, getting those perfect stems just before the season begins and mixing with a little cumin, chilli and sugar.  

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  • Kopra Pethis

    Our Kopra Pethis are a Prashad institution. They’re the only dish that’s been on the Prashad menu for 26 years without change (except a minor tweak making them now vegan-friendly, too), and we are very proud of them.

    Famous throughout the Gujarat, everyone has their own Kopra Pethi mix. The Prashad recipe balances sweet fresh coconut with a soothing potato exterior and an aromatic coconut centre, with a backdrop of garlic and spice. These are a year-round favourite at Prashad, although the herbs used change with the seasons, from flavourful amaranth to light and citrussy micro coriander. The accompanying sauces? An earthy beetroot and pomegranate chutney, and a fresh apple, pea and coriander chutney, to really make the soothing potato and coconut spiced pethis sing.

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  • Sanku

    Minal invented the Sanku as a re-imagined samosa, bringing fine dining and seasonality to an Indian culinary classic. Served in a crisp cone, the sanku filling changes seasonally, from a light green broad bean mix to pea and paneer, or mixed beans. Infused with mouthwatering spices like asafoetida and mango powder, the Sanku is the perfect dish for a tasting menu, refining the humble samosa and making it a light, beautiful, playful and (most importantly) delicious mouthful.

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  • Vegetable Handi with Coriander Rice

    A Handi refers to the type of cooking pot used. At Prashad, our Vegetable Handi uses local,  seasonal produce, from romanesco cauliflower to parsnips to asparagus. We cook the veg with some crunch (depending on the vegetables), so that you can really appreciate the fresh flavours of this Yorkshire produce.

    Combining Yorkshire veg with strong and diverse spices (we use the unusual large black cardamom, which imparts an unusual, warm and earthy flavour) makes this dish an elevated classic. What could be a humble vegetable curry will truly challenge your expectations of flavour and texture.

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